McGuire Difference Award

For the McGuires and everyone in the McGuire Kia & McGuire Chevrolet staff family, giving back to the community they serve has long been a priority. They want really to understand the needs in Polk County and get to know the organizations that served those needs. That is how the McGuire difference Award has come to be.

The McGuire Difference Award Committee is comprised of the management team at McGuire, and the recipient is voted upon monthly. The Award is presented on behalf of McGuire Kia & McGuire Chevrolet and salutes a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization (excluding specific faith denominations / institutions and political organizations) making a difference in Polk County. The McGuire Difference Award is presented along with a $3,000 check to each month's recipient.The McGuire family and management team is  committed to recognizing those organizations whose service and contributions proactively build Polk County into a strong and caring community. 

We are proud to call Polk County home and look forward to making a positive impact for years to come. If you would like to nominate an organization or apply on behalf of one, please be sure that the organization is a qualified 501 (c)(3) meeting the above qualifications, and please be sure to include a copy of the organization's current 501 (c)(3)  paperwork. The application can be downloaded here, click below to find the application form and feel free to contact us by email at  
The Butterfly Effect
A community is more than just individuals living in a shared geographic location. Within each community lies the beauty of people helping and supporting one another. In fact, the Latin roots of "community" come from the word communitas ("cum-" meaning with/together and "-munus" meaning gift). Each person has the ability to gift someone something. A single act of kindness can touch the lives of so many within a community.  Something as simple as a smile to a random stranger can change the course of both your day and theirs.  Name your passion, give of yourself, and enjoy the rewarding feeling that comes with knowing that you have affected the world in a positive way. Making a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens is a gift in and of itself.